Business Formation & Transactions

One of the areas of law that Mr. Kocian handles in the formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). There are a number of benefits to forming an LLC for your business, foremost is in the name “limited liability.” An LLC limits your personal liability in the event your business is sued or cannot pay its debts. Another benefit to forming an LLC is you are able to place your membership interest in a living trust. If you are forming your LLC in which to place real estate, we can also transfer the ownership of your property from you to your LLC by way of a Warranty Deed.

Our Process

At Kocian Law Firm, when we form your LLC, we complete and file the Certificate of Formation for the LLC with the Texas Secretary of State. This ‘creates’ or registers the LLC with the State. Once the Certificate has been accepted, the Secretary of State will generate and return a Letter of Acknowledgement and Certificate of Filing, along with the accepted Certification of Formation. We will also prepare the other documents which govern and assist in the ongoing operations of your LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    What kinds of LLCs do you create?

    We create both LLCs and Series LLCs.

  2. 2
    What is a Series LLC?

    A Series LLC gives you all the same benefits as a regular LLC, but it serves as a sort of “umbrella company” with additional flexibility and protections for multiple companies or lines of business within your overall operation.

  3. 3
    Should I get an LLC or a Series LLC?

    You can schedule a consultation to discuss your options with Mr. Kocian.