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1500times better than other products

Kocian is super nice. He has you do some up front prep which makes the meeting go smoothly. Highly recommend.

James - Southlake, TX

Great service. All questions answered.

Melanie - North Richland Hills, TX

I have Hyatt Legal Service through my employer...used this service to finally get my family's Last Will and Testament done, along with a Trust, Living Will, etc. Thank you Kocian Law Firm for easing the stress of this and getting it DONE!!

Penny - Fort Worth, TX

I am very pleased to recommend the Kocian Law Firm. I used the firm to set up my estate planning. I had many thoughts on the subject going into it. I felt listened to and guided in a very professional and respectful manner. Their approach was logical and exceeded my expectations. I was given full support beginning to end. They are clear regarding billing and do not "nickel and dime." I was given very clear documents in a professional packet that I was able to show my family. I am so glad I took my previous estate plan (from another attorney years ago) in for update/review. If you need estate planning or if you have had changes since you last had it done, do yourself and your family a favor and call the Kocian Law Firm.

Paul - Grapevine, TX

My husband and I contacted Kocian Law Firm to help us with a will and a living trust. They let us know all of the information they would need up front and the process was seamless from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to work with Gregory Kocian and his staff, and I would highly recommend them.

Cecily - Fort Worth, TX

I recently was in a real pinch for time to get a will put in place (yes, I waited too long). After calling several law firms, the Kocian Law Firm put together a will with all associated document in 3 days (start to finish). I was very impressed with the professionalism of the firm. I highly recommend them.

Guy - Southlake, TX

From the moment you call to the end of the process, everything is handle professionally, in a timely manner, explained in detail and with patience.

Hannah - Westlake, TX

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